Friday, 20 July 2012


The folks at Giftin kindly sent me a few preview pieces from their upcoming 
launch in August to create a few looks for my readers. 
One of them is this rich Miumiu Coffer in large size, comes with strap (always a plus, right?)
Since it's coming to fall, what better color to choose than the classic black?
Paired it up with a splash of royal purple, a black leather belt and spiced it up with my gorgeous 
leopard print heels, both from Dolce&Gabbana.
I know there's no such thing as fall in Singapore but if you're devoted to fashion why not 
at least use the colors from fall as inspiration and apply it to your outfit? :D
In this case i'm wearing a bare back peplum dress by ASOS.
Trust me, it's fun to dress up

x love x


  1. Awwe. Your dress is so pretty! And love ur fierce leopard shoes!