Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I saw this WHYSL Tee haul on Pinterest so 
i went to research a little bit.. 
Turns out it's by these two guys from Ksubi
few years back

Back then it was called Tsubi

The designers of Ksubi 
(Dan Single and George Gorrow)
with their WHYSL t-shirt

For the record, i love their denims!
It's good that they came out with a more
affordable range now. They used to cost AUD400 onwards 
a pair but i was just there recently in May
and purchased another pair at only around AUD200
It's good to invest in a few good pairs of denim,eh?

Kinda reminds me of this KARL WHO idea

Riri rocking Ksubi T-Shirt

I guess they changed it to CHANNEL later on

Another Ksubi bad-ass T

The ladies' version


<3 this one!

Another option to make your own ;)
All you need is fabric marker,stencils and steady hands!

Here's the eps format of the logo in case
you want to DIY your own WHYSL Tee for personal purpose
(Please read the T&Cs on the website)
Have fun!

x love x

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