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When it comes to perfume, i love light, fruity, floral ones.
Nothing sweet or woody cause those ones gave me instant headache

So let me share my favourites with you ;)
My favourite of all time! 

Top notes: clementine, cypress and wild strawberry
Middle notes: sunflower, passion flower and orchid
Base notes: teak wood, amber, musk and oakmoss 

I received most compliments (from strangers especially) when i wore this.
It was originally more like Splash (lighter perfume) but it was no longer produced
Now they come up with the Eau de toilette version packed in smaller bottle like shown in picture above. 
It's now available in department stores in Singapore at SGD89
Trust me, if you like fresh floral scent, this is it!


It includes notes of apple zest, lemon and grapefruit combined 
with rosemary, jasmine, magnolia, coriander and cardamom

I was at Marc jacobs looking forward to buy a new bottle of Rain when the SA told me that it was no longer produced.
Then i saw these new range of perfume for that season so i brought Apple home with me.
It's also a fresh fruity scent which i like but like i said, nothing beats Rain :)

Eau Méga by Viktor & Rolf  
It is said to smell fresh with top notes of violets, basil and pear 
leading to a heart of peony, jasmine, lemon and ending on musk

First of all, i love their stamped-metal-wax logo! and then like any women would, i tried it on
and before i knew it, i'm already at the cashier paying for it! 
It has a hint of peony which i love. I'm currently using Royal Doulton Home Fragrance in Peony and they smell AMAZING!
If you're wondering it looks like this

I bought it at a shop in Mandarin Gallery and i forgot the name. Sorry :D
But it's not hard to find at all. It's a small shop selling fragrances and some nail polishes ;)
L'Impératrice from D&G Anthology Series 
Notes include a top of rhubarb, kiwi accord, and red currant; a heart of pink cyclamen, 
watermelon, and jasmine; and a base of musk, sandalwood, and grapefruit wood

Watermelon! How fun is that? To be frank i bought this online without smelling it first haha
(talking about being adventurous) but there's no regret!
Love this one too! 

Le Bateleur is also a great choice for men

The sexy ads

Rose from L'occitane
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. The scent is very light, powdery and super 'rosy'. Great for everyday!
At one point i was obsessed i even bought the shampoo, shower gel and lotion

Chloé Eau de Toilette
Top notes of pink peony, freesia, and lychee embody subtle freshness
Midnotes of magnolia flower, lily of the valley, and rose rise to sublimated femininity
Base notes consist of velvety elegance comes to fruition through cedarwood, amber, and honey

This one is also my favourite of all time
The only thing is the metal part of the packaging rusts after sometime and the nozzle gets choked too!
Imagine hurting your fingers when trying to press the nozzle and still, nothing comes out!
It was not a pleasant experience but nevertheless it smells wonderful

Love in Black by CREED
Love their packaging 

Top notes: White Violets
Heart notes: Florentine Iris, Cloves
Base notes : Bourgogne Blackcurrant, Rose, Violets

This is the most expensive perfume that i own but sadly it isn't my favorite.
I love this when i bought it but it gave me headache after a while.
Strange and sad but true. The scent is pretty intense so I only wear this for a night out.
One thing about it though, it stays on a long time (like days) if i sprayed it on my clothes

One last one is from Victoria's Secret 
I usually put this on during the day when i'm home and the lotion at night
It smells heavenly

One brand that i really want to try is Penhaligon. I really like their bottles and branding.
I'm so gonna drop by their shop anytime soon!
Will keep you guys updated!

x love x

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