Sunday, 15 July 2012


Finally! The long awaited visit to Dean and Deluca.
Once i'm back from my trips, i quickly gushed to Orchard Central to check them out.
The store gives a unique feeling to it which was a breath of fresh air.
Love their black and white concept store and i spent quite sometime in their grocery area
and of course i had to bring back some of their products which was ..
A jar of truffle salt costs me SGD45 and the small bottle of truffle oil costs SGD25
They had black and white truffle products. I couldn't tell the difference just by 
smelling so i went with white truffle salt and black truffle oil 
just so i could maybe figure out the difference later

I took the liberty to google it and this is what i found (in case you are also wondering):
"The main disadvantage of  any white truffle is that although their aroma is intense, it tends to fade pretty quickly, as opposed to black truffles, which are more subtle, but have a longer longevity."


 I ordered Ice Marble Latte (White + Normal Chocolate + Milk + Espresso)
and Spee ordered Hot Americano in medium size (and it so damn was huge)
PS : Unless you're super sleepy, do not order the medium size  
The latte was good. The only thing is it was not cold enough for my liking

 American Breakfast for me
It tasted normal (not extraordinary, flavor wise)
so i sprinkled some truffle salt that i just purchased and it instantly taste amazing
Truffle just makes life more beautiful (yes you can quote me :D)

Grilled chicken salad for the health-conscious guy
(not the best salad i've ever tasted)


Dean and Deluca Singapore is located at Orchard Central Level 4 (fyi cause i'm nice like that)

Black and white photo to match the mood
White Blazer purchased in Seoul
White tank from Pull & Bear
Pucci inspired shorts from Bracewell (OZ brand)
Neon Yellow + Nude Pumps from New Look
Blue Belt from Patrizia Pepe (my favorite)
Balenciaga Giant City in Bleu Paon with Rose Gold hardware

x love x

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