Friday, 29 June 2012


Girl Meets Pearl Luminizer from Benefit Cosmetics  

I was at Sephora today, hunting for luminizers and this caught my eye.
After an armful of glitter (from most of the luminizers), i decided to go with this one. 
Reason is, it's not as glittery and shiny as the others that i've tried 
and its shade golden pink!
Exactly the color that i'm looking for. I find golden pink blends into
Asian skin better compared to a white/silvery and bronzy ones.
Just my opinion ;)
I'm gonna give this little baby a try tomorrow!

Today's lunch
 Can can Mocktails. 
Pink one: Raspberry and lychee with mint leaves
Green one: Cucumber with kaffir lime leaf as garnish
Am sure there are other ingredients unidentified by me haha, maybe some lemon extract?

 Clam Aglio Olio, can use a little more salt and chili like how Indonesians like it :D

Fish and chips and TRUFFLE FRIES aka The bomb!! 
The fries is a must-try if you're visiting Skinny Pizza

And i'm so happy about the latest addition to my babies, Pink nano from Cèline
The color is so gorgeous *screams*
PS: // I can never resist a pink bag
But seriously, the size is good, just nice to fit the necessities which makes it light
and the strap makes it ultra-practical. 
If you're hesitating of getting it or not at the moment, my suggestion is a BIG FAT YES

Cropped white shirt from August (from Australia), Prada jewelled belt,
Ksubi denim shorts (love), Cèline Pink nano, Ring and bangle from Hermès,
Zara Snake Print Strappy Heels

 Sorry for the bad quality photo. I didn't bring the camera with me today :D

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